The Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Painting


Have you ever wanted to explore the beautiful art style of watercolor painting?

As we’ve discussed previously, painting is one of the most calming and creative hobbies you can have. Using watercolors gives you the chance to create beautiful images that you can proudly keep, display, or even gift.

Artisthue provides some tips on the materials you’ll need. This includes pencils of the B and H ratings, as well as a jug of water. You’ll also need specialized paper and brushes to get the right effect, so your images look sharp and don’t run. Their page also provides some great ideas on what to paint, including food, animals, and landscapes.

Chalkola provides some handy pointers as well. They explain why you want to explore the balance of wet and dry, and work from light to dark. There’s also the important matter of always using clean paper towels, so you don’t smear your work or accidentally mix colors.

Shihori Obata provides various guides here, giving you a wealth of creative potential. Learn how to paint swings, boats, trees, and other simple designs. They’re perfect for beginners, and maintain that beautiful minimalist art style that so many people love.

We can’t wait to see your watercolor creations. Share them with us, and for more DIY crafting and art content, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.