Celebrate National Hoagie Day with These 3 Recipes

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March 5th is National Hoagie Day, and it’s a cause for celebration. Some people call them hoagies, others call them subs, grinders, or even heroes, but most just call them delicious.

These tasty treats have many more recipe variations than they do names. And today, we’ll be discussing three options you can use to stack your hoagie into a scrumptious sight.

We start with a classic recipe that has plenty of room for variation. This ham and cheese hoagie from Chelsea’s Messy Apron can be enjoyed plain or with some dressings. The recipe shows you how to switch up your veggie spread, spice selection, cooking style, and cheese type for endless variety.

This next one comes from Taste of Home. A mushroom pastrami hoagie is easy to make, but it offers a more interesting flavor combination than some of the more basic sub options you’ll find.

We end with a recipe from Baker by Nature. This Italian hoagie recipe brings taste options from where the food found its origins. The combination of meat, peppers, and veggies stacks up for an impressive presentation and a memorable pallet that will have you loving every bite.

We hope you have a delicious National Hoagie Day with these recipes. Got your own you’d care to share? We’re ready to hear it — and maybe eat it, too!

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