Soup It Forward with These 3 Recipes

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National Soup It Forward Day is on March 3 — so why not celebrate with some delicious soup recipes?

Today we’ll be scooping up a few of the top recipes from some impressive culinary minds. They’ve poured from a pot of soup expertise, so let’s dive right into this delightful menu and salute the occasion.

The first recipe for National Soup It Forward Day comes from Taste of Home, with this self-proclaimed Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup recipe. The namesake ingredient is complemented nicely by hints of carrots, parsley, and garlic.

Does the idea of diverse flavors in your bowl get your mouth watering? Then you’ll love this next recipe. The Pioneer Woman provides this amazing Vegetable Soup recipe. Various vegetables contrast well with the broth and seasoning selections, resulting in a taste that’s so good you’ll want a second serving.

If you prefer your soup a little meatier, this last choice will delight you. The Modern Proper provides an Italian Meatball Soup recipe that will have you feeling like you’ve taken a trip to this world capital of cuisine. The creators of the recipe even offer dairy-free and kid-friendly variations for your convenience.

Soup It Forward and share your favorite soup selections with us! If you want more recipes and other DIY content, make sure you bookmark NORA Best Life and check us out on Facebook and Twitter.