Try These 3 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes to Enhance Your Diet and Entice Your Tastebuds

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Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Whether you’re a vegetarian or you’re just looking to shake up your diet, we’ve got a menu for you.

These delicious and nutritious ideas come to us by way of Eating Well — and you will, thanks to the meat-free ideas from these fine culinary minds.

Let’s start with salad. But not just any salad — pasta salad! By adding a unique touch with walnuts and a few other ingredients, this dish from Adam Dolge is sure to delight your tastebuds.

Who doesn’t love tacos? While the absence of ground beef may make you think these classic dishes are ones that vegetarians must simply miss out on, these tofu tacos from Carolyn Casner are a fine choice for your meat-free dining needs.

With spring upon us, we couldn’t let this list wrap up without one good nod to the season — and these spring veggie wraps from Sara Haas are guaranteed to make your diet a little healthier.

These are just a few of the great vegetarian dishes out there, and they show that this diet packs plenty of potential to shake up your meal plan and improve your health at the same time. Got any other recipes like this to share? Share them with NORA Best Life on Twitter and Facebook.