Celebrate National Doughnut Day with These 3 Recipes

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The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day, and it’s a holiday too sweet to pass up.

Tucked in amongst the summer fun and recreation, this day celebrates one of the most delightful treats of all time. They’re good for dessert, sometimes as breakfast, or any time that sugar craving hits you.

Today we’ll cover a few amazing doughnut recipes you may want to try out yourself.

We mentioned you can start your day with a doughnut. Most people would accompany this breakfast choice with a cup of coffee. But why not combine the two? The Food Network shows us how to make chocolate doughnuts with coffee glaze.

Some people don’t like their doughnuts with too much sugar. So how can you balance it out from a flavor perspective? How about with berries? These blueberry baked doughnuts from Bake It With Love are a recipe we’d love to try out ourselves.

We close the list with some influence from one of the culinary capitals of the world. These French Crullers from Epicurious are delicious, though they can get a little messy — here’s a tip, go light on the eggs for a neater but just as egg-cellent taste.

Happy National Doughnut Day! We hope you “donut” stop coming back to enjoy more DIY content on recipes, holidays, and more. Follow NORA Best Life on Facebook and Twitter for more.