5 Fun Art Hobbies That Will Nurture Your Creative Spirit

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Here at NORA Best Life, we love covering fun art hobbies that you can take up at home.

These pastimes are perfect for retirees or anyone who likes to fill their days with creativity. We provide tips beginners can use from some of these art styles’ best and most talented practitioners.

Today we’ll fill the canvas with a mega compilation of some of our most popular posts. This guide will help you pick up a new hobby or several and unleash your inner artist.

The first one is drawing — arguably one of the most fundamental art styles out there, our piece covers tips on how to start sketching and fill out your art kit with the right pencils and paper.

After you draw something amazing, you may want to paint it — our guide to painting provides a full palette of tips and guides on how you can get going. Is the standard surface of paper or canvas too common for your creative painting prowess? Then check out our pottery painting guide. With it, you can decorate one of the most common furnishings and accessories in your home.

What about art styles that untie you from the canvas or sketchpad? You can instead tie up your time with our macramé guide to make beautiful art pieces, keychains, and more. If you like this type of craft, you can explore more traditional threaded options like DIY clothing with our piece on knitting.

Picking up or improving at any of these fun art hobbies will fill your days with joy. They’ll also allow you to create some fantastic items you can keep, give away, or even display for the world. When you make something, be sure to show us on Facebook and Twitter!