3 Simple Knitting Patterns Anyone Can Make

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Knitting Patterns You Can Try

Is there any hobby more relaxing and more useful than knitting?

It’s soothing to sit back and weave a creation into being — and even better when said creation can keep someone warm and toasty during this time of year.

Today we’ll be bringing you a trio of fun knitting patterns that you can make yourself. Even if you’re not an expert in this type of craft, these guides will help you sew up something special.

We start with something seniors can make for their grandchild or great-grandchild. Gina-Michelle shows us how to create some adorable baby booties that will warm your little one’s toes right up.

Who doesn’t love a winter scarf? This one uses a confetti pattern, making it perfect to celebrate the new year as it sets in. Purl Soho shows us how it’s done.

We close out the list with a must-have for the winter. But these mittens aren’t just any mittens — according to Tin Can Knits, they’re the world’s simplest mittens. This makes them perfect for the person who is new to knitting, or the person who wants to create something quickly.

We hope you knit up something neat with these handy guides. For more DIY craft inspiration, follow NORA Best Life on Twitter and Facebook.