3 Scrumptious Spring Recipes You Should Try

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There’s perhaps no better place to celebrate the new season than in the kitchen — with these delicious spring recipes!

Now that we’re at the perfect midpoint after frigid but before sweltering temperatures, it’s time to switch out those winter dishes for something fresh. This season brings a certain vibe that’s unmistakable. It’s light, relaxing, natural, and satisfying. The same can be said of these great recipes brimming with spring style and festive flavors.

We start with Spring Vegetable Soup from Food and Wine. In a season known for the growth of vegetation, this one fits perfectly. It’s also healthy and highly customizable. It can even warm you up on those spring nights or future fall evenings when it’s just slightly chilly.

Need a bit more protein in your spring dish? Then this Spring Chicken Pot Pie from BBC Good Food is a great choice. It’s delicious, filling, and perfect for special occasions like Easter.

We end our list with something you could have at the start of the day. This Soft Scramble Sandwich from Bon Appétit has seasonal spirit in multiple ways. From the chief ingredient of scrambled eggs to the open-face design that represents the blossoming nature of spring, this is a perfect breakfast to welcome a spring morning.

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