3 Macramé Creations Beginners Can Make

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Macramé Creations You Can Make

Everyone has tied a knot before on purpose and maybe by mistake — but macramé is an art form dedicated to this very process.

It dates back all the way to the 13th century. It’s simple, colorful, and relaxing. Today we’ll bring you a few creations you can make yourself even if you’re new to this type of crafting.

The first comes from Honestly WTF. This is something perfect for the fall season. You can weave and knot your own leaves with this step-by-step guide. While it looks complex, it’s a simple repeating formula that can result in a beautiful seasonal creation.

The next comes from Hallmark, and is a more functional type of craft. These keychains are stylish and fun, functioning as great gifts to yourself or someone special. You can pick your own color pallet and pattern, and use the included video at the link to craft your keychain to perfection.

We end with another functional design that’s a bit more complex. Thankfully the fine people at Macramé for Beginners make it easy to make these handy plant hangers. It’s a fine way to display your plants in a more creative manner.

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