Stay Ahead of the Seasons with DIY Fall Landscaping Tips

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DIY Fall Lawn Care Tips

With the summer winding down, it’s a perfect time for fall landscaping.

Sure, some people say it’s too early. But you don’t have to wait until the leaves fall to get started. Some say that preparing your lawn now is crucial for it to stay healthy until next spring.

Many experts, such as the ones at CLC, suggest adhering to these DIY lawn care tips before the chill sets in and the trees change colors.

The first step doesn’t actually involve doing anything new — this is more of a reminder not to stop doing something. Mowing is a tough task if you have a big yard, but you shouldn’t slack on it just because autumn is setting in. A trimmed lawn is a healthier lawn. The shorter your grass, the easier it is to absorb nutrients. When the frost sets in, that’s when you should stop mowing.

The second step is another continuation of summer lawn care habits, albeit at a reduced rate. If your lawn is getting less than 1.5 inches of water weekly according to your rain gauge, keep your sprinklers on. Even though the lawn won’t need as much as it did in the peak heat months, it still needs hydration.

The final tip involves the trademark of the season, those iconic fall leaves. It’s true they look beautiful. But it’s false that they provide protection for your lawn. Rake them away to make sure your grass can get nutrients and sunlight.

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