Why Your Yard is the Source for Fun DIY Crafts in Autumn

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two acorns
Image via Pexels

Nature brings us a lot of beauty and life – but did you know Mother Nature also offers art supplies?

Usually, when it’s time to make crafts, we head down to our local specialty store and find the materials we need. And while you may not find scissors or glue laying about on your lawn, the elements of your next project are tumbling off the trees as we speak. Are you ready to use nature as a canvas of sorts and create something special?

Let’s start with acorns. The fine people at Happiness is Homemade offer this tutorial on how you can make these fallen pieces of fall into gorgeous glittering elements of an art project. You could also give your acorns a splash of color to help them match the beautiful fall leaves.

If you checked out our post on how to make a fall foliage mobile, you already know leaves have plenty of decor potential. But if you’re looking for something a little cuter that the grandkids might love, try out these fun ideas from Handmade Charlotte.

With so much creative potential laying right around your yard, Mother Nature is just begging you to show off your craft skills this season.

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