Make Beautiful DIY Mason Jar Glasses

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DIY mason jar glasses

As the weather warms up, spending more time outside sipping on lemonade or sweet tea might sound appealing. One way to enjoy your time in the sunshine even more? Design your own DIY mason jar glasses! Spending just an afternoon on this simple project can give you glasses you’ll enjoy for years to come. You might even use them while watching birds flock to your new DIY bird feeder

Mason jars are a popular choice for all kinds of DIY projects. They’re sturdy, inexpensive, and widely available. You might have seen them repurposed as vases, planters, or as decor at weddings. For this project, you can use mason jars, jam jars, or any other jars or glasses you want to reuse.

To decorate your mason jars, Crafts by Amanda suggests that you use a specific type of paint that works well on glass. The result is a pretty, almost stained-glass effect. While you’ll need to let the paint cure for several days, completing this project will only take as long as you want to spend painting!

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