Delicious Recipes for Cocktails and Mocktails

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cocktails and mocktails

If you’ve recently made a DIY mason jar glass, you might be looking for a fun new drink recipe to make. Delicious springtime cocktails and alcohol-free mocktails are perfect for sipping in the sunshine or for pairing with a meal.

This easy guide from Fed + Fit shows you how to turn any cocktail into a mocktail with a couple of quick swaps. If you love margaritas but are staying away from alcohol, trading in tequila for sparkling water can help you enjoy all of the flavors of this warm-weather staple. Additionally, try kombucha, ginger beer, and non-alcoholic spirits for fun, flavorful options.

Easy Cocktails and Mocktails

Our favorite springtime cocktails and mocktails use fresh, seasonal ingredients like citrus, berries, and herbs for flavor and color. This roundup of spring beverages from Country Living offers something for everyone. Our picks include the strawberry-lemonade punch, mint tulip cocktail, and blood orange margarita. You can even creative by adding a beautiful garnish!

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