Make a Simple DIY Plant Terrarium

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Make a Simple DIY Plant Terrarium

Few things brighten the home so much as houseplants. But they have their drawbacks. Water spills make a mess. And nice looking indoor pots cost more than you’d expect. A simple, DIY plant terrarium addresses both of these issues!

A DIY plant terrarium takes less time, cost, and effort than you’d think. Yet, for success, many people neglect at least one important step. So let’s get started!

All you really need boils down to four simple items: a glass vessel, some pebbles, activated charcoal, and potting soil. Now, a glass vessel can mean many things. Some people use a fishbowl, glass jars, or even an old glass coffee carafe. Don’t be surprised if you find something lying around the house that you can use.

First, place the pebbles in your container. Then add a thin layer of activated charcoal. Though this step is often missed, it provides a big benefit. That’s because it helps keep your water clean and free of bacteria. Then all you need is potting soil and lastly, one or more succulents or other plants of your choice. You might even find yourself getting creative with seashells or other decorations to dress up your plant terrarium!

Find complete instructions and even a helpful video for your plant terrarium at ProFlowers. Have fun bringing a little color and life into the your home at low cost!

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