Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas for Seniors

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Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas

In the cold months, holidays provide opportunity for color and fun. We found some colorful Valentine’s Day DIY ideas for seniors to get you started!

The list provides a breadth of projects. Some brighten the home. Others are more about reconnecting with friends and neighbors. The list even offers easy instructions for Valentine’s Day themed games.

For instance, you can create chain garland to add a festive flair to your home. Or easily turn your window into a stained glass montage with tissue paper. How about some fun holiday movie recommendations? These are sure to become a tradition!

We particularly like the homemade treat ideas. Whether fruit kabobs, cookies, or a hibiscus “mocktini,” every recipe has simple instructions with a Valentine’s Day flair.

Fight the winter doldrums – get started with these Valentine’s Day Creations!

Tell us in the comments how you like to brighten your home in the winter months! Or contact us with ideas you want to share.

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