Finding the Perfect Centerpiece for Beautiful Fall Decor

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fall table
Image via Pexels

Of all the themes in design, a few have stayed near the top – or the middle.

The classic strategy of building a design around a centerpiece can work on walls, floors, tabletops, and more. Now that the fall season is in full swing and the temperature is starting to drop, it’s nice to bring some of that Autumn decor indoors.

Here are a few ideas for a fun fall centerpiece.

The first uses an iconic food item of the fall season – corn. Even if it’s not on your plate, it’s too iconic not to be in your decor setup. Corn cobs can stylishly cover the sides of a vase, container, or base of nearly any decor piece. Check out this idea by way of Good Housekeeping here.

But what do you put inside your flower pots and hollow centerpieces? Wheat stalks are another favorite of fall decor – just like you can color your corn cobs, you can use some embroidery to give wheat a new sense of style. It’s like a fall harvest flower. Inspired by Charm talks about the design here.

Finally, we couldn’t leave out the pumpkin. All you need is some glitter, mason jar lids, and a flat surface and you could make a stunning fall centerpiece perfect for building around. Read here about Domestically Beautiful’s beautiful centerpiece idea.

A strong fall centerpiece is a start, but there are plenty more fun fall and DIY crafts you can do. We’ll cover them weekly here at NORA Best Life. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss a post!