How to Make a Fun Pine Cone Wreath

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pine cone wreath

Whether you live in an area with plenty of pine cones on the ground or not, it’s likely that you associate them with fall. Making decor out of pine cones is a great way to bring nature in. From centerpieces to accents in bouquets, pine cones look great in any decor. Creating a pine cone wreath out of a handful of pine cones, some acrylic paint, and hot glue is a fun project that you’ll love to see hanging on your front door. We take a look at this neat craft from Fun 365!

How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath

To begin making your pine cone wreath, you’ll need to gather together supplies. You’ll need:

  • About 24 pinecones
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Different colors of acrylic paint
  • A wire frame for your wreath
  • Paper plates

First, you’ll want to paint your pine cones. Squeeze a generous amount of acrylic paint onto a paper plate, then roll the pine cone in it. You can choose the colors that fit your decor. Some people prefer bright neon colors for a fun accent, while others choose more muted fall tones.

Hot glue your painted pinecones onto the wire frame. You can choose the size of your frame based on how large you want your wreath—a small wreath can be a great fit for a cozy space.

Find full directions from Sarah Khandjian at Fun 365!

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