DIY Decor Ideas That Use Beautiful Fall Colors

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Image via Pexels

Of all the things to love about fall, nature’s artistry has to be near the top of the list.

One look out the window on a September, October, or November day shows you the beauty of nature through a vivid color pallet.

But sometimes the stunning shades of changing leaves aren’t enough to satisfy our decorative spirit. If you want to bring a splash of color indoors and create an authentic Autumn atmosphere, use these colorful decor tips.

Color Your Pumpkins, or Add a Cozy Autumn Glow

If the traditional pumpkin projects of fall are a little too messy for your liking, you can get a clean, colorful result with just a little yarn and some glue.

Simply wrap a piece around your pumpkin about 20 times to create a nice stripe of color and glue it in place. Get creative to show off patterns that welcome in the fall season, or that help your pumpkin match your home’s decor style. Save this awesome Pin from Mike Garten here. If you’re fine with a two-tone look, you can use cut balloons to achieve a similar effect.

If the pumpkin seems too played out, try creating a friendly fall glow or an eerie Halloween ambiance. Dipping standard taper candles into a mix of melted wax and crayon shavings can give them a new sense of style. Pin this creative idea from Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly here.

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