Freshen Up Your Home for Fall with DIY Decor Ideas

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Fall Decor Ideas

The fall season is a time to let your creative spirit flow like leaves through the autumn air. These DIY decor ideas provide you with a way to soak in the season with comfort and style.

Let’s start with a fantastic decor idea brought to us by way of Real Homes. This golden hoop wreath can be adorned with fall items to bring the seasonal spirit inside or show it off outdoors. This concept is also handy for other holidays, so bookmark it for year-round decor inspiration.

But what if a standard singular decor item isn’t enough? How can you capture the essence of fall in terms of the sight, scent, and sounds of the season? Try this fall potpourri recipe from HGTV. It’s the next best thing to taking fall itself and bottling it up to save.

We close the list by bringing one of the key lawn ornaments from spring and summer indoors, and of course decorating it for the occasion. These fun fall garden gnomes from DIY Candy are simple to make and look like a seasonal companion you can look to for autumn inspiration.

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