Helpful Basket Weaving Tips for Beginners

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These basket weaving tips can help you weave your way into an amazing new hobby.

With spring not far off, it’d be nice to have a new picnic basket. What about a basket for your laundry? Or one to store spare magazines or utensils in? There are countless uses for them. So why not learn to make your own?

We’ll share some tips and links to some of the experts in this crafting style, so you can fill your basket with knowledge and insights to get started.

Gathered. provides some tips on what materials you’ll need to get going. Supplies include needles, scissors, a bodkin, raffia, dried grass, rope, twine, and clothespins. This page also provides some helpful tips for getting going with your projects.

You’ll find more tips and video tutorials on Textile Indie. They also cover a wide array of basket types you can make, which include Nantucket, wicker, palm frond, pine needle, and Zulu coiled.

FeltMagnet provides some extremely useful visuals for weaving sections of the basket together, including at the base. This shows you how the pattern should look, so you can tell if you’re on the right track.

With these brilliant basket minds supplying your tips, you’ll be able to create something beautiful and handy in no time. We hope you’ll share your work with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us for more DIY content.