3 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Fall Pumpkin

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pile of pumpkins
Image via Pexels

Before you set the Thanksgiving table and welcome your relatives in, you should let your fall decor spirit flow.

There’s still time to fit your dining room or your entire home with the iconic feel of fall, and what better way than by turning to one of the harvest season’s most iconic decor items?

The pumpkin manages to fit perfectly throughout the entire fall season, but some decorators find the typical orange look to be a bit played out. If you like the pumpkin’s potential as a decor piece but want to make it a bit more unique, here are a few creative touches you can add.

If you’re looking to add a splash of color (with or without painting) you can use balloons to create a two-tone pattern perfect for making the classic pumpkin stand out.

Looking to get a bit more creative with your fall pumpkin? Then step it up to this design that utilizes stencils and patterns from flowers, leaves, and other fall foliage. Secure them in place with some glue or Modge Podge for a beautiful pressed flower pumpkin.

Don’t think that carving is out just because Halloween has passed. These pumpkin pots can be made by carving out enough space for a cut bottom of a water bottle, making your pumpkins into neat little flower vases.

These ideas are perfect for the table, mantle, doorstep, and more. If you’re looking to find more fun seasonal decor ideas, bookmark NORA Best Life today and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more DIY ideas.