How to Create a DIY Laptop Stand

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DIY laptop stand

Using a laptop in your bed or on your couch can be a pain. It can overheat when in contact with fabric, can slide around, and can force you to hunch over for hours. If you want the convenience of a laptop with the practicality of a desktop, consider making a DIY laptop stand. This simple project involves a few tools and a little bit of elbow grease—we recommend it for seniors who enjoy some basic woodworking.

How to Make a DIY Laptop Stand

One of the best things about this project? You start with a basic laptop stand purchased from an online retailer or store near you, then add to it to make it your own. Look for a stand that will be the right height if you’re sitting on your couch. You can measure this beforehand and bring a tape measure to the store!

Then, you’ll need to gather supplies. Find wood that you like, keeping in mind that you can paint it to match your existing decor. In the full instructions from The Handyman’s Daughter, they make their laptop stand out of old skateboards—but if you have some scrap wood in your garage, that will work well.

You’ll attach the wood using wood glue and a clamp, then you can begin customizing it. Consider painting a fun design that matches your existing decor. Best of all? This laptop stand can easily become a TV tray, side table, or other accessory when not in use.

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