Easily DIY the Look of Marble on Just About Any Surface

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DIY marble

Marble countertops, tables, and decor aren’t just a trend—this timeless look is here to stay. But real marble can be pricey and difficult to install. If you want to upgrade the look of your countertops or furniture, DIY marble might be the way to go.

Faux finishes, when done right, are both durable and realistic. Follow these tips from HGTV on NORA Best Life for the best marble look for nearly any surface in your home.

How to DIY Marble Finishes

First, determine what surface you want to DIY. You can choose a small table or accent piece for a test run before taking on bigger projects like kitchen counters. Then, gather your tools. You’ll need white and gray paint as well as various sizes of paintbrushes and sponges. Finally, you’ll want a gloss coat to protect your design.

To get started, first paint a layer of white paint. Then, you can start adding gray veins throughout the piece. You can layer over these multiple times, and it can look more authentic if you dab them with sponges to slightly blur the edges.

Then, cover the whole piece with a layer of a glossy coat. You can liberally pour this over top of the surface—just be sure to protect the floors and anything underneath.

Find full directions from HGTV’s article “How to Paint a Faux Marble Tabletop.”

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