3 Fun and Creative DIY Vases for Spring Flowers

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Put Your Spring Flowers in These DIY Vases

There are so many beautiful spring flowers blooming out there that you may have thought of bringing some inside.

But for many people, the look of colorful and wonderous flowers in a bland vase just isn’t right. You need to take your plant pot or holder to the same standard of stunning artistry as the spring flowers they hold.

That’s why we at NORA Best Life have brought together some of the most creative vase ideas from some of the web’s best DIY-minded creators.

Our first vase comes from Angie Holden and uses an acrylic pour technique to create a beautiful swirl of color. Say goodbye to bland single shades and hello to a new beautiful way to show off your flowers.

The next vase comes from Kara Creates and uses a unique material that we would’ve never thought of for vases — fabric. This is a perfect opportunity to add some fun designs to your vase in an easy way.

The final vase comes from Crafts by Amanda and uses a recycled wine bottle as the container — it’s a fun way to turn what would be a throwaway item into a decorative mainstay for spring flowers.

Which of these fun vases for spring flowers is your favorite? Got any other vase ideas to share? Let us know yours in the comments. Be sure to follow NORA Best Life on Facebook and Twitter for more fun DIY craft ideas.