Welcome Winter with These 3 DIY Winter Crafts

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Winter Craft Ideas to Try

The winter season is here again, and what better way to welcome it than with DIY winter crafts?

These cool creations from DIY Candy will have you feeling the spirit of the season — minus the shivers! You’ll be able to cozy up to some snowy sights that are sure to evoke that seasonal glee.

What if you could take the very essence of winter and bottle it up? Now you can. With a glass jar, some fake snow and trees, and animal figurines, you can make this winter wonderland display.

It’s common to uncork some wine around New Year’s, but what else can you do with wine corks? How about make this adorable snowman? You’ll also need some paint, glue, and a few other materials — the result is a fun figure that looks great on any table or mantle. Why go outside to make a snowman?

Winter is great to spend with friends, so this last craft is from DIY Candy’s friend Growing Up Gabel. They show you how to make your own cardboard version of one of the winter season’s most iconic animals — the polar bear. No need to travel to the arctic, either.

These crafts will help you welcome winter without having to suffer the frigid weather. If you want to warm up to more DIY craft ideas, be sure to follow NORA Best Life on Facebook and Twitter for more content like this every week.

Special thanks again to the great content creators featured in this week’s DIY winter crafts!